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The Celebrating Halswell Heritage topic brings together images of Halswell from other topics in Kete Christchurch.

The topic has been established to display and celebrate the development and history of the Halswell area for the opening of the new Te Hāpua Halswell Centre in late  2015.  More images and topics are welcome.

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 Halswell Christchurch Suburb 

 Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell

 Halswell Domain 

 Lillian Street

 Halswell Road                                     Halswell Hornets Rugby League Club

 Mt Magdala Cemetery of the Good  Shepherd Sisters 

 Halswell Community Hall

 Mt Magdala Farm Buildings

 Halswell War Memorial

 Nash Road

 Halswell Play Centre

 Halswell Heroes  

 St Mary’s Anglican Church 329 Halswell  Road

 Halswell - Earthquake Damage and  Beyond

 St Mary's Cemetery, Halswell

 Halswell QuarryPark– Images from the  CCC Archives by John Moore

 St Luke’s Halswell Union Parish                 St John of God Chapel

 Halswell Quarry Park

 Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church

 Halswell Quarry Park– Earthquake  Damage and Beyond

 South West Baptist Church, Halswell

 Halswell Pottery Group Inc.

 Sparks Road

 Kennedys Bush Reservoir

 Sutherlands Road

 Halswell United Association Football  Club

Former Hallswell Library & County Offices

 Te Hāpua - Halswell Centre

Te Hāpua Centre - Construction

 Images of Halswell from the Collection  of Ron Fensom, QSM

Kidsfirst Kindergarten, Halswell Domain

 265 Halswell Road (White House Black)

The Old Vicarage, Halswell

 Oaklands School

 Westlake Park


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