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Harewood War Memorial, located at Harewood School, 721 Harewood Road.

Harewood War Memorial, 15 May 2015 #SAM 4752A memorial obelisk located at the entrance to Harewood School, 721 Harewood Road. The memorial is inscribed with the names of twenty two men who died during World War I and five World War II servicemen. 

In memory of the Harewood boys who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.

P. Buckner
W.T. Buckner
G.G. Cassin
B.S. Claridge
I.E. Claridge
S.T. Claridge
T.G. Claridge
G. Craw
E.J. Collins
F.G. Durey
G. J. Griebel
E.B. Hubbard
E.H. Jesson
L.A.J. Jesson
J. McArthur
G. Pearce
F.J. Phillis
H. Reid
D.A. Sheehan
W.G. Thornton
H.H. Winkler
R.H. White

In memory of the Harewood Boys who were killed in action World War II 1939-1945

W.J. Anderson
G.E. Billson
T.P. Cooper
T. Orr
F.G. Turner

The memorial was damaged in the 4th of September 2010 Canterbury earthquake. It has since been repaired and the area around the memorial was rebuilt to include new school gates and seating.

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Harewood War Memorial

Materials:Marble, Concrete
City:Harewood, Christchurch
Name:Harewood War Memorial