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A celebration of Chinese Culture, celebrating the Lunar New Year.

2016 Chinese Lantern Festival, Hagley ParkThe Christchurch Chinese Lantern Festival is held annually.  Prior to the Canterbury earthqakes the festival was centered on Victoria Square, but shifted to Hagley Park post 2011 / 2012. In 2018 the festival moved again to the Avon River Precinct – connecting with Ōtākaro Avon River, Worcester Boulevard and Cathedral Square.

Sponsored by the Asia New Zealand Foundation, Lantern Festivals are held in both Christchurch and Auckland as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Lantern tree 2008 Lantern Festival DSC08649

The Lantern Festival has been part of Chinese New Year celebrations since the Han Dynasty (206BC - 221AD), and traditionally marks the final days of New Year festivities.

Also known as Shangyuan Festival, the Chinese Lantern Festival, is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar. In Christchurch, however, it is usually an 'end of Summer' event.

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