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Following the 2010/2011 earthquakes in Christchurch the city streets have been enhanced by a profusion of graffiti and street art.

Nick Cave & His Bad Seed - D.I.Y Mural, New BrightonThe term "graffiti art" has the connotation of illicit art, but in the case of Christchurch much of the post-earthquake drawing and painting has been commissioned and officially sanctioned. There was a certain amount of graffiti art prior to the earthquakes but it has really blossomed in recent years. Talented professional artists and collectives such as The DTR Crew and Wongi Wilson have entertained, enchanted, enlivened the city streets and challenged our perceptions.  

By its nature much of the work is ephemeral - being painted on buildings due to be demolished or those with walls temporarily visible before new buildings go up. Some works are in the comic book style often associated with grafitti, while others are more detailed paintings.

Art by Dcypher, Welles Street


This topic celebrates some of the wonderful art that we have seen; some of it  "official" and some of it just a quick response to a situation but which deserves to be remembered because of its wit or satirical commentary.

The Rise and Spectrum Street Art festivals organised by Oi You! have delivered sponsored street art celebrations in Christchurch since 2014.


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Graffiti Art and Street Art