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Christchurch City Libraries’ annual Photo Hunt aims to discover photographic treasures that tell the stories of our past.

The theme for the 2016 Photo Hunt was ‘’ ‘Hidden Histories - Our Stories Unearthed’.

The categories were:

The judges commented that they were most drawn to images that operated on several levels, all of equal importance. They may have been pulled in by the composition and formal elements of the image but  the subject matter depicted also really mattered. The photograph might be "shot off the cuff or constructed with great care, but what tangible information was it actually showing" and what does the photograph make you think about?  "Looking at a series of photographs like those entered into the competition reminds us how important documenting society and our personal history is."

The judges felt that the overall winning image was well seen and composed, an aesthetically pleasing picture to look at, but when seen now many years later it had become a stark reminder of what we once had and perhaps also an indicator of where we can go. "In the photograph of Victoria Square, I couldn’t help but think of how much has changed in Christchurch since the quakes; what is still changing and the public backlash against a proposed redevelopment of the square gardens and convention centre"

In addition to the 3 winners, a number of  other images were highly commended for both the individual photographs and collections of photos.


Christchurch City Libraries has run an annual  Photo Hunt since 2008.





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