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Frank Linton Buttle (Service no. 6/945) was a First World War soldier.

Frank Linton Buttle

Frank Linton Buttle was born in 1887 in Morrinsville to Henry and Matilda Buttle. By 1896 the Buttles were living in Sumner where Henry worked at the Deaf Institute.

Frank attended Christchurch Boys’ High School.

Prior to his enlistment he was living at 16 Armagh Street and working as a stock agent for the Christchurch office of New Zealand Loan and Mercantile. He was a member of the Canterbury Rowing Club. He was also a motorcyclist, and in 1913 he received a fine for speeding.

On 4 August 1914 Britain declared war on Imperial Germany. In response New Zealand offered the services of an expeditionary force to assist in the war effort.  Following the announcement of this, Frank enlisted with the Canterbury Infantry Battalion on 21 August 1914.

After completing his military training Frank would have departed with the rest of the Canterbury troops for Wellington on 23 September where they joined the remainder of the New Zealand troops.  When a naval fleet had been assembled the main body departed New Zealand on 16 October 1914. After stopping in Australia where it was joined by the Australian troopships, the expeditionary force proceeded to Egypt, arriving on 3 December 1914.

Frank attended the Christmas dinner held by Cantabrian soldiers at Shepheard’s Hotel, Cairo. His signature can be seen on the menu which was signed by those who attended the dinner.

A photograph from February 1915 shows Frank, along with other Christchurch soldiers of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion relaxing on the banks of the Suez Canal where they had been deployed to guard against an attack from the Ottoman Turks.

Later that year he was deployed to the Dardanelles Strait as part of an Allied plan to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula from the Ottoman Turks.

In June 1915 he was wounded in the upper part of his arm and was transferred to a hospital in Cairo. As further treatment was required, he left Egypt for England on August 11.

On 26 September 1915 he left the hospital for furlough. Upon returning in October, he was employed as a staff member at the depot in Waymouth. By December his arm was still troubling him and he spent his time visiting friends in London and Yorkshire.

On 11 January 1916 he was transferred from Waymouth camp to Hornchurch. During his time there Frank was promoted to Lance Corporal while employed as a depot staff member.

By October he had been transferred to the headquarters in London where he was appointed temporary Corporal.

On 20 March 1917 he was promoted to Sergeant and again in September 1917 to the rank of staff Sergeant.

In August 1918 Frank wrote home to his father, expressing his belief that the presence and contribution of New Zealand troops in the European theatre had left a positive impression in the minds of the British and that, when the war concluded, many British ex-servicemen would choose to emigrate to New Zealand, rather than return to factory jobs in the cities.

In March 1919 Frank returned to New Zealand on the Corinthic. Upon arriving in Lyttelton on 22 April, the ship was placed in quarantine to ensure that there were no cases of influenza onboard.

Frank was officially discharged on 21 May 1919. Later that year he returned to his role as a stock agent. In 1924 he transferred to the Dunedin office of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company. 

During the Second World War he was attached to the staff headquarters of the Cargill Battalion of the Home Guard.

Frank died in Dunedin 1943.




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