Burwood Rabbit Farm

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Burwood Rabbit Farm.


Date: early 1930s

Burwood Rabbit Farm. Was 24 Francis Street - now Bassett Street. Early 1930s. Elizabeth (Bet) & Katheen Cullimore (my mother) & Punch. Raised Angora rabbits.

Winning entry in the 2012 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. by Kathy Steele.

Judges' Comments:

There is something magic and otherworldly about this shot. The location has a sort of arid dustbowl Americana look. It makes you curious about the Burwood Rabbit Farm, and you can get the feeling you are looking into a lost world.

Who knew that people raised Angora rabbits in Burwood? I love that this photo makes me think differently about the suburbs which have a (sometimes hidden) history all of their own. A thoroughly ordinary photo at the time, the subject matter is rendered interesting and unexpected by nothing more than the passage of time. And the dog is pretty cute, too.

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