Creekside Community Under Construction

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Creekside Community Under Construction.


Creekside Community in St. Albans was founded in the 1970s reflecting a world-wide interest in co-operative housing.

An acre of land, formerly used for market gardening, was purchased at auction between five families. The section contained an existing 1920s bungalow and four new townhouses, designed by architects Lucking & Viall were built next to it. These five homes, and for a time two adjacent properties, formed an intentional community which has now been in existence for almost 40 years. During this time nineteen families have lived there. The community was names Creekside partly after the Dudley Creek which forms the eastern boundary and to acknowledge the well-known Riverside Community in Lower Moutere. The main photo shows the original house on the right and the first two units under construction. Photos by Colin McLeod.

Date: early 1970s.

File reference: HW10-S-Ce-054

Entry in the Christchurch City Libraries 2010 Photo Hunt by Sue Colyer.

The community operated from 1972 but was discontinued in 2014 as a result of  the Canterbury earthquakes.


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Creekside Community Under Construction