Papanui Junction 1914

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Papanui Junction 1914.


Papanui Junction taken around 1914. This is probably one of the better known photos from that time. Rickerby's Papanui Building was most likely opened in 1911. It is believed that Robert Rickerby ran the Cycle Shop above which he had a Billiards Parlour. In the photo the shops from the left, where the Model T Ford is casually parked, are Winders Bakery, Scoulars Fruit Shop, Greens News Agents, Rickerby's Cycles and Cairns Tobacconists. Depending on the year Wise's NZPO Directory also lists Pool's Cycle Shop and Mrs Lester's Billiards Room.

To the right of Rickerby's the Papanui Hotel showing the Name J. Shanahan on the signage. Out the front a horse and cart patiently wait while the driver slakes his thirst. You will also notice the tram tracks leading right into the Main North Road and left into Harewood Road.

Jackson's Seven Oaks Butchery is seen on the corner of Horner Street and the Main North Road. The signage shows an establishment date of 1866 though it is uncertain whether this refers to the business or the building. In later years this building became Sander's Milk Bar and stood until the 1970s.

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