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The Halswell Pottery Group has been a force on the Christchurch ceramics scene since its inception in the 1970s.

The Halswell Pottery Group has been a  force on the Christchurch ceramics scene since its inception in the 1970s.  

Founded by an enthusiastic group of  20 people, the inaugural meeting was held on 22 July 1971 and by December of that year it has grown to 30 members and had a waiting list for members.   By 1979 membership had risen to 103. 

Until 1975 it operated as an affiliated group of the Halswell Improvement Society before becoming an incorporated society in its own right.

The group has always had a strong focus on quality.  In the early years inexperienced aspiring members were given a series of lessons by group tutors before they could apply for membership.  It has had considerable influence on ceramic arts in Canterbury and continues to do so.   Many of the group's members have had pieces purchased for permanent collections in New Zealand.

The group provides classes, field trips, kiln building and other  workshops and weekend schools with visiting potters as well as regular exhibitions. 

 Since its early years it has operated from a cottage at 9 Candys Roadin Halswell, originally  the property of Ron and Joan Gardiner.  Over the years the cottage has been refurbished and modified to provide a space for all the society’s activities.  It includes a gallery which is open to the public every weekend.  Although the property has since been sold, the  group continues to have the use of the cottage.

A history of the first 25 years of the group was published in 1996 and this, with the 25th Reunion Jubilee booklet gives a comprehensive history of the origins and development of the group up to then..

 The photos in this topic were contributed by a current member of the group,

Further information

Lyndsay, Duncan (1996)..   A history of Halswell Pottery Group Incorporated; the first twenty-five years: 1971 - 1996. 

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