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Formerly Sumner Road.

Named after John Bird Sumner (1780-1862).

Re-named Ferry Road. Named because it was the road leading to the ferry at the Heathcote River.

From St Asaph Street to the East Belt (later Fitzgerald Avenue) was formerly Sumner Road. Sumner was an Archbishop of Canterbury and a President of the Canterbury Association. Formation of the road began in 1850 and was improved at time of establishment of Provincial Government. A ferry service was established connecting the Ferry Road with the Heathcote Valley Road leading to the foot of the Bridle Path. Both Sumner Road and Ferry Road appear in the Star in 1877 in a report of a meeting of the Heathcote Road Board.

In 1884 "the Ferry Road, from Hargood's Road to the swing bridge" was re-named Regent Street. From Ensors Road -Aldwins Road to Radley Street was re-named Ashbourne Street in 1896 and became part of Ferry Road in 1922. From Radley Street to the Heathcote bridge remained as Regent Street until 1922 when it was re-named Ferry Road. [The ferry went out of business when the bridge was built over the Heathcote River.]


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Ferry Road, Christchurch