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The heritage church is undergoing restoration and conservation.

The church has strong local landmark significance and relates to the development of early Sydenham, which, in its founding days, was considered the model Borough. It stands at the heart of Sydenham opposite the former Sydenham Post Office. Together they form a visual gateway at the southern entrance of the commercial area of Sydenham. (It is interesting that the Public Works Department, in designing the Sydenham Post Office, departed from the standard brick or timber suburban post office, and faced the Sydenham building in stone to ensure it complemented the church opposite.)

The church building also relates to Sydenham Park, formerly the A and P showgrounds, and the King Edward drinking fountain on the park corner. The area flanking Colombo Street and Sydenham Park was once the cultural and administrative heart of Sydenham. The former Sydenham Borough Council Buildings and the Fire Station, both now demolished, were the last reminder of this group of buildings to the south of Brougham Street; their loss increases the importance of the church building.

Over time the congregation of the church dwindled, reflecting the changing residential patterns in Sydenham. The Methodist Church closed its doors in 1971 and the property was leased to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Ownership of the church passed to the Samoan Congregation Church who used the church until the mid 1990s. Two applications to demolish the building were subsequently made to the Christchurch City Council.

Following a concerted campaign the fledgling Sydenham Heritage Trust purchased the church with an interest free grant provided by the City Council.

The church is listed as a Group 2 Building in the Christchurch City Plan and is registered with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust Pouhere Taonga as a Category ll Historic Place

It is hoped that the church will again contribute to the community by becoming a place where people can gather for a variety of community activities.

The building is well suited for concerts, social functions, meetings and many other acivities where people like to get together.

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Sydenham Heritage Church today

Materials:halswell stone, concrete, stained glass windows
Name:Sydenham Heritage Church