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Roll of Honour, New Brighton District High School, remnant New Brighton School: 125 years of operating as a primary school, a district high school and then as a primary school (Central New Brighton School); closed 2015. 

The Roll of Honour board remnant is housed at New Brighton Historical Society Museum (corner Hardy and Beresford Streets), as well as a black and white photograph of the board. 

The report of the unveiling in the Star (9 October 1915, Page 11) described the roll as:

the work of Mr A. G. Munns, is inscribed "Roll of Honour, ex-pupils, 1914," and is beautifully done in kauri, the lettering, done by Mr Price, being of gold, on a black background. Tne board presents a fine bold appearance, and no doubt will be a permanent and honoured memorial in the school.

The initial list of names on the board (reported in the Star):

Robert Adamson, Wallace Bailey, William Bellamy, Lawrence Bishop, Walter Bodger, Albert Dryden, Leslie Burns (died on the field of honour), Kenneth Burns, Henry Burrowes, Charles Burson, Gordon Clark, Herbert Cunningham, Henry Davies, Ivor Davies, William Fairburn, Sidney Ford, Duncan Gillespie, Robert Gillespie, Cecil Granger, Gascoyne Greenwood, Roy Greenwood, Maurice Hamber, Edward Hardey, Frank Hardey, James Harper, John Haynes, Stanley Hill, Guy Hopkins, Edward Hulbert, Walter Hulbert, Leslie Hulbert, William Hunter, Angus Hyslop, Harold Innes, John Ives, Noel Jarvis, Herbert Knight, Lloyd Lees, William Lester, John Leversedge, William Leversedge, Cecil Low, Duncan MacFarlane, Leslie MacFarlane, Bruce MacRae, Ernest M'Frich, John Mansell (died on the field of honour), William Martyn, Walter M'Callum, Reginald Miles, Frederick Moor, Herbert Moore, Albert Nankivell, Oswald Norris (died on the field of honour), Roy Oakley, Alfred Owles, Oscar Owles, George Owles, Clarence Parker, John Radcliffe, Frank Radcliffe, Wilford Reed, Edmond Reeves, Gerald Scoble, Howard Spratt, Leslie Stevens, Lancelot Stevens, John Stewart, Edwin Sefton, Harry Vere (died on the field of honour), Nurse Winifred White, Leicester Winny, Huia Wyatt (died on the field of honour), Clarence Wyatt, Harry Pine, George Gilkes (died on the field of honour).


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Roll of Honour, New Brighton School