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First and Second World War memorial to soldiers from the Marshland area, north of Christchurch.

Marshland memorial gates, MarshlandThe war memorial for Marshland takes the form of memorial gates close to the Marshland and Preston Roads intersection.

The gates were formerly at the entrance to the Marshland Public Hall, now a privately owned building.

Unveiled on the 18th of January 1925, the walls and gate pillars were constructed of St. Martins stone, capped with red stone, with white marble memorial tablets on the face of each of the two main gate pillars. Originally there were also iron gates with copper shields on either side.  Mr  W. H. Winsor, had been the contractor for the stonework, and Mr W. Dann, had made the gates.  

Originally the inscription on the memorial tablets was as follows:

On the first tablet -  "Erected by the residents of Marshland in memory of our soldiers who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918."

Then followed on the second tablet  - M. Brown, W. Bussell, D. Bussell, R. G. Cox, G. Chidgey, E. Dass, A. J. Dobby, C. Delamain, H. Dempsey, R. Ellemers, W. Faulls, H. Head, A. J. James, W. Jackson, D. Martin, D. O'Callaghan, G. Stanbridge.

At a later date a further inscription was added to the first memorial tablet  to include soldiers from the Second World War. This inscription reads as follows - "Also to those who fell, World War II, 1939-1945. S.F. Hill, R. Tomlin".


World War I

World War II

  • S.F. Hill
  • R.Tomlin


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