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Set in a tranquil area of rose gardens,the Gothic pavilion was designed by architect H. St. A. Murray.

Set in a tranquil area of rose gardens,the Gothic pavilion was designed by architect H. St. A. Murray.

Memorial, Akaroa. N.Z..

Akaroa’s war memorial also commemorated servicemen who came from other parts of Banks Peninsula. The site had formerly been occupied by the old Akaroa Borough School where many of those who fell overseas had been educated.

The foundation stone was layed on 31 March 1922 and the structure unveiled on 12 March 1924.   The memorial lists names of Peninsula men who died in the South African War and the First World War.  World War II casualties were added later.

The memorial consists of

"a four cornered archway of Hoon Hay stone with Oamaru stone under the four arches, surmounted by a plinth of Glentunnel stone with a cross at the top. The names of the Peninsula men fallen in the South African and Great War are inscribed on granite panels under the archway."

The list of names inscribed on the memorial, including nineteen yet to be inscribed is as follows :

GREAT WAR 1914-1919., A. Adams, R. V. Armstrong, L. F. Armstrong, D. Anderson, E. W. Bachelor, C. Barwick, R. Bailey, J. E. Beattie, R. F. Birdling, G. Black, M. Bruce, T. E. Brookes, H. Bunny, J. Cattermole, A. R. Clough, R. Coe, M. Daly, J. F. Fahey, O. E. Ferris, A. Gilbert, S. W. Gilbert, R. Gunning, T. Gilmore, A. Gray, D. Handisides, L. B. Hammond, S. Hall, R. Haylock, J. Hayes, E. Hewitt, L. Hunt, T. A. H. Holmes, J. T. Irwin, O. J. Jesson, W. Johnson, W. G. .C. Karalus, F. S. R. Karalus, L. Kearney, M. LeLievre, C. E. LeLievre, G. Lyons, J. Lyons, R. Masefield, A. Mansom, S. Manson, R. Mclntyre, M. Moore, J. C. Marsh, H. S. de Malmanche, W. H. McHale, F. P. McCullough, A. F. L. Priest, W. Priest, Henry Pidgeon, Hector Pidgeon, L. Radford, T. H. Reynish, R. C. Reynish, M. Rogers (Nurse), R. Russell, — Scott, W. Scott, G. E. Scott, T. Shearer, E. Spooner, O. Sutherlond, J. R. Swadel, Te Paro, A. Taylor, R. L. Walker, S. T. Waghorn, T. F. Ward, G. Wallace, F. A. Westenra, H. J. White, T. A. Wright, F. H. Young.

SOUTH AFRICAN WAR 1890-1902., J. Maloney, H. Nicholls, A. R. Noonan, C. Parkinson, L. Perhan, E. B. Tosswell, C. E. Wiggins.



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Akaroa War Memorial

Materials:Hoon Hay stone, Oamaru stone, Glentunnel stone, granite panels