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Unveiled on the 26th February 1921, the memorial was erected in memory of the 154 Elmwood boys who served in the Great War 1914-18.

Elmwood School War Memorial, 2015 #kgP1050607 Located in the grounds of the Elmwood Normal School, Merivale, 
the war memorial was unveiled by the Minister of Education on 26 February 1921. It was erected in memory of the 154 former Elmwood students who served during the First World War.

The memorial, the work of  Messrs. Tretheway and Berry, was in the form of an obelisk of bluestone, with tablets of Carrara marble, inset, on which is set out the names of former pupils who served in the war. On two sides there are small drinking fountains.

According to The Press article at the time on one side of the obelisk were the following names:

In Memoriam
A.C.W. Bain, A.K. Baker, A. Berry, C. Berry, Stanley Beanland, G.P. Beadel, F.B. Brown, C.F. Carey, F. Clarkson, E. Cobeldick, J. Deacon, Tom Devening, Wm. French, Harold Hair, Harry Hall, Wm. H. Jones, G.P. Lattimore, Allan McDonald, S. McGee, Harold Newcombe, Geo. Scarr, F. Schumacher, Clive Strachey, Robert Taylor, A.B. Tonks.

Below this on the base a panel read:

Erected to the memory of Elmwood boys who served the Empire in the great war, 1914-1918. Unveiled by the Hon. C.J. Parr, Minister of Education, February 26th, 1921. J. R. Sinclair, headmaster, Wm. Jones, chairman.

The other three sides of the obelisk had the following names:

Roll of Honour
Geo. Anning, D. Armstrong, E. Askew, J. W. Baker, J. E. Baker, L. W. Baker, Owen F. Baker, B. Banks, H. Baverstock, Sydney Beanland, J. Best, Noel Biggens, S. C. Bingham, Ern. Boag, C. Boulton, N. Bowman (D.C.M.), Ernest Belcher, Leslie Brain, Fred Boakes, Bert. Boakes, Cyril Brice, H. Brooke-Taylor, F. Bromley, E. Brown, P. Brown, F. Burrell, Wm. Buckley, R. Calvert, J. Carter, L. Cheesman, F. Coates, Jas. Colthart, Chas. Creswell, D'Arcy Creswell, Douglas Creswell, H. Dickenson, E. Donald, Joe Donnelly, J. W. Durward, Harold Edgar, Eric England, A. V. Fielder, Bert. Foote, Leslie Foote Reg. Ford, V. Foster, A. Francis, L. Freeman, J. Graham, Jas. Genet,.S. Green, J. Grogan, W. Gunter, F. Gurnsey, A. Gurnsey, Leslie Hair, M. Harper, Wm. Harvey, E. Harvey, A. Harvey, Jack Hawkins, C. Henley, H. Hindle, N. Henley, C. Hercus, G. Hewitt, R. Hucks, J. Hutchinson, W. Hutchinson, Fred. A. Jones, P. Keig, Clarence Keys, Edward Keys, J. Lattimore, J. R. P. Lattimore, David Lamb, Hector Lamb, Jim Lamb, Robt. Lloyd, D. Laurenson, R. A. R. Lawry, Ron. McDonald, Don. McDonald, Ernest McGee, Reg McGee, D. McIntyre, Chas. McKay, Tom Madden, Wm. Madden, Carol Moor, W. Moor, Victor Mulligan, Norman Nelson, B. Norton, G. Norton, Harold Owers, E. Paintin, W. Pearce, S. Pepper, Arthur Ponder (M.C.), Eric Rastrick, J. Reid, Alex. Ritchie, Edward Royds, Geoff. Royds, Stan. Salter, L. Scott, Trist Searell, Percy Secorn, Ralph Simpson, Ray Smith, Roy Smith, Jack Somerville, W. Stockdall (M.M.), C. Tomlinson, Bert Tomlinson, Wm. Tomlinson, C. Tucker (D.C.M.), F. Tucker, Reg. Voice, H. C. Wallace, Wm. F. Warner, Stanley Wells, Stan. Wilmot, O. W. Williams, C. C. Willis, J. W. Willis, R. Wylie.


The memorial was restored by the Merivale Precinct Society in 1995 and again in 2007 after it was vandalised. The marble panels were replaced with an alphabetical listing of all the boys names, with some changes of names from the Press article (28 Feb 1921), except for the marble panel at the base which is still in place.

The memorial was then damaged in the February 2011 earthquake breaking into 7 pieces. After fundraising by the school it was repaired in 2012.



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Elmwood School War Memorial

Materials:Bluestone, Marble
City:Merivale, Christchurch