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How to link items and topics together to create webs of related material.

 All linking is done from a Topic; you can link to another Topic, or to any Item type.

Link a Topic to an existing topic or item

  • In the Related Items box on each Topic page, you will find  Link existing
  • Click on this and a pop up window will appear with a search box.
  • Choose whether you are looking for a topic or an item type.
  • Enter a keyword or two and a list of results that match your search will appear.
  • Select the results you want to link by ticking on the box to the left.
  • Add
  • When linked the message  Successfully added item relationships will appear .
  • When you have finished close the window.

If you are unsure whether a Topic is related or not you can go to the Topic detail page by clicking on the Topics title, and the Topic will open in a separate window. Close the window when you are finished by clicking the red cross in the top right corner.

Remove a linked item

If an item or topic has been linked by mistake to a topic, in the Related Items box, use the Remove link

  • Select the type or material you want to remove
  • Tick the item you want to remove
  • Click Remove

Creating links in description fields

Text Editor : You can link text or images to other items or topics. Select the text,. or click on the image that you want to be the link and then select the chain icon from the top row of the toolbar immediately above the description field. Enter the web address for the link into the url field and save.

Instructions - print versions

How to link items and topics [PDF]

How to create links in a description field  [PDF]

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