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A guide to how to add items and topics to Kete.


Items are images, audio, video and documents. Topics are the way to gather items together into subject clusters of related material, regardless of item type.  An item may be linked to from one topic, many topics or none at all. A topic is like an encyclopedia article; it can be anything from a few sentences to a few pages long. In Kete topics can be built collaboratively.  Wikipedia  is a good example of collectively written articles. Topics can not only link items but also other topics.


Add a topic

Use Add item or select  Add a new Topic from the bottom of the search result or browse page.

With Add item you will be asked What would you like to add? Where would you like to add it?

Select whether you are adding a topic or an item from the dropdown menu.
Select to which basket you are adding the topic or item.

If you select a topic you will be asked to select a topic type.

Choose a topic type. A range of topic templates have been built based on different sorts of topics.
Once you have selected a topic and clicked on the choose button, a form will appear for you to fill in. Most fields are optional.
  • Title : A few words.
  • Short summary: a sentence summarising or introducing the topic.
  • Description: this field can be as long as you like and is the body of the topic. You can use the Text Editor tools to format your text if you like, with bolding, highlighting or italics. You can insert tables, links or images
  • Tags : Tags are keywords which are used to search Kete. Enter as many as you like, separated by a comma.  The more tags you enter here the more chance we have of other people finding it.

Some topic types contain many fields.  Just fill out as many fields as you have information for.

Check the licence.

When you have finished select Create.
You can link related items to this topic, or link to related items or related topics already in the database.

See how to link topics and items

A primary aim of kete is collaboration. This means you can edit other peoples work and they can edit yours.
If you would like to know if someone changes a topic you have written you can subscribe to an RSS feed.




Adding images, documents, audio and video

Adding item types uses the same process as adding a topic type, although the forms may have slightly different fields to fill in.

Use either the Add item link or go to the appropriate tab (e.g. the Image tab if you are adding a photo) and use the Add a new ... link

If you use Add item select the type of item you are adding from the drop down menu: Images - Audio - Video - Documents - Web links

Fill out the template: title, short summary and description

Browse to the file you want to upload from your computer.
Any common file format can be loaded.

Add tags.

Complete the optional fields if you have the information.

Save your work -  click on the Create button.

Types of material you can save to Kete

Images can be digital photographs, digital copies of photographs or digital photographs of objects or things. Any common file format can be used; jpegs for preference.

You need to save your video clip as a simgle file, not a folder with an audio and video file. We have successfully uploaded .mpg ,  .avi  and  .wmv video.

If the copyright statement of something you found on the internet forbids you from copying or saving the information add a link to the information. See Creating links in a description field  [PDF].

You may have something to say about a topic or item; maybe you think it contains errors but you are not sure, or you want to add an informal comment or recollection. Use the Discuss this box.

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