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Huia William Rose (Service Number N/N - Army)

Born on the 4th of June 1894, William Huia known as Huia also attended the Normal School and then Christchurch East. Just before starting Christchurch East Huia was admitted to Christchurch Hospital with a fractured skull as a result of a fall. He was operated on and recovered well although he was left with a large scar. Huia left school in December 1909 for an apprenticeship as a plumber.


Huia enlisted from Peterborough Street as a gunner in the Artillery with the 8th Reinforcements. He had had some territorial experience with an artillery unit in Christchurch.Huia left Christchurch for Trentham Camp on the 24th of August 1915. Once at Trentham he was transferred to the Headquarters Staff and a role in the Quartermaster Store with responsibility for supplies and provisions. He was promoted twice, to Corporal in April 1916 and to Sergeant in July of the same year. 


Huia also managed to get married in 1916 to Marina Elizabeth Hannah Brease or Breeze


Huia was however of uncertain health and the Medical Board determined in February 1917 that Huia suffered from “Jacksonian Epilepsy” or petit mal, partial or short-term seizures which were a result of his childhood skull fracture. Although these were infrequent they rendered him unfit for active service.


He was discharged from the Expeditionary Force as medically unfit and transferred to the Home Service branch. At the time of his brother’s death Huia was attached to the staff of the Canterbury Medical Board.


Sergeant Huia William Rose’s employment in Home Service duties was terminated on the 14th of December 1918.


Huia returned to his civilian occupation as a plumber.


He had two children with Marina, son Peter Huia and daughter Patricia (Pat).


Marina died in 1953; Huia then married Margaret Ellen Harpur (Nell).


Huia died 1979 and Nell in 1989.


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Huia William Rose

First Names:Huia William
Last Name:Rose
Place of Birth:Christchurch