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This lists the First World War 1 soldiers recorded on the Upper Riccarton Memorial Library Roll of Honour

Upper Riccarton Memorial Library Roll of Honour

Their Name Liveth 1914-1919

  • M Bains                                 Maxwell Stewart BAIN  (& Boer War)
  • I Campbell                            Ian CAMPBELL  (British Army)
  • G Chaney                             George CHANEY
  • A H Clarke                            Albert Henry  CLARKE                                           
  • W F Clarkson                       William Francis CLARKSON
  • C Coffey                                Charles Edward COFFEY
  • R A Crawford                        Robert Albert CRAWFORD                                              
  • L P Davison                          Leslie Percival DAVISON                                      
  • R L DeRungs                       Leonard Reginald DERUNGS
  • P Devine                               Patrick DEVINE
  • W A Fairbairn                       William Arthur FAIRBURN
  • E Frew                                   Edward John Perkins  FREW      
  • C T Gaskill                            Charles GASKILL                                       
  • W T Gawler                           William Thomas GAWLER                                    
  • C H Gillanders                     George Hamilton GILLANDERS
  • L Goodwin                            Lawrence Clyde GOODWIN
  • O L Haase                            Owen Leonard HAASE                             
  • J M Hagerty                           James Michael HAGERTY                        
  • E Hanson                              Edward HANSON                                                   
  • C T Horwell                           Charles Francis HORWELL                                 
  • S Jarman                              John Stuart (Stewart) JARMAN            
  • H A W Lake                           Henry Allan Wilson (Harry) (Allen) LAKE                      
  • G Macann                             George MACANN                                 
  • R M Mackintosh                   Robert MacGregor MACKINTOSH                                   
  • D McKay                               
  • H G McKenzie                      Henry Gill MCKENZIE                                           
  • S McQuigan                         Samuel MCQUIGAN          
  • C F Manson                          Claude Findley MANSON                         
  • E H Manson                         Henry Ernest MANSON                             
  • T C Newnham                     Thomas Coster NEWNHAM
  • G Pine                                   George Albert PINE                                    
  • C H Raxworthy                     Charles Herbert RAXWORTHY   
  • J R Raxworthy                      John Robert  RAXWORTHY         
  • T A Raxworthy                      Thomas Arthur RAXWORTHY                                         
  • F S Smith                             
  • A Stemmer                            Albert  STEMMER                                                   
  • S H Townsend                     Samuel Hayden TOWNSEND                                         
  • H W Vicary                            Henry Walter VICARY   (Australian Army)  

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Upper Riccarton Memorial Library Roll of Honour

City:Upper Riccarton, Christchurch
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