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Belfast Cemetery opened in 1904.
Gebbies Valley was originally a sheep-farming district on the Peninsula, twenty-three miles by rail from Christchurch, on the Christchurch-Little River railway line. A road runs through the valley and over
The Globe Continuous Pictures was an early Christchurch cinema which opened in 1912.
Arthur Judge was a man who served in the First World War in the New Zealand Medical Corps, including surviving the sinking of the Marquette, and then lived in New
This unreinforced masonry (brick) building, two storey in front, one storey at rear is partially collapsed, and was the scene of a fatality  (parked car crushed?). Street façade has fallen
Starland Theatre was an early Christchurch cinema built in 1916
Kent House, (Radio New Zealand House) at 51 Chester Street West ws situated on corner of Durham Street North and Chester Street West. The building was damaged in the 22
Gordon Graham Pearson (Service no. 10/2802) was a First World War soldier with links to Burwood.
Business Park in Bealey Avenue
Isaac Warren (Service no. 68807) was a First World War soldier with links to Halswell
Christ's College, Christchurch is a private secondary school for boys, located in the central city of Christchurch, New Zealand.Founded in 1850 by Reverend Henry Jacobs in Lyttelton as a school