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Isaac Warren (Service no. 68807) was a First World War soldier with links to Halswell
John Alexander Huntly Holmes (Service no. 7/428) was a First World War soldier with links to Halswell.
The Armagh Street frontage of the Orion buildings. Formerly the Municipal Electricity Department (MED) buildings.  These were built in 1928-29, and the well-known MED offices next door on the corner
Pearce Harman Way (service no. 48119) was a young man with links to St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Cashmere, who fought and died in the First World War
A local park with playground including see-saw, slide & swings. Also has a basketball half court. Area of Park: 9,274 square metres Perimeter of Park: 589 metres
Built 1912, for Lawrie and Wilson Auctioneers. The building later became the Pink Pussycat Night Club,  then used by the Christchurch City Council Traffic Department and Parking Unit.  The land is
 65 Sandwich Road, Christchurch 8023