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Richmond and Linwood being older suburbs still had a lot of older buildings which did not fare so well...
Papanui Road is one of the main routes in northern Christchurch. Buildings along its length, especially retail premises, were severely damaged in the earthquakes.
North Hagley Park (87.17 hectares) is the section of Hagley Park lying to the south of Harper Avenue.
The Windmill shopping centre is located in Clarence Street.
The Marshland Hall, opened in 1907, was a vital focal point in the Marshland community.
Antonio Hall was initially the Kincaid Homestead
Bishopscourt in Christchurch was designed by local architect Cecil Wood and built in 1926, as the residence of the city's Anglican bishop. In 1984, Bishopspark was developed and established as
Thomas Coster Newnham (Service no. 52099) was a First World War soldier with links to Upper Riccarton.
Over the last few years there have been a number of Charity Barns across Christchurch. 130 Moorhouse Avenue Ferry Road Charity BarnAt the corner of Ferry Road and Ensors Road.
Christchurch City Libraries’ annual Photo Hunt is an opportunity to discover photographic treasures that reconnect Cantabrians to cherish, celebrate and commemorate our past.