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Originally an accommodation road ie. a route for stock.Formerly Boot Jack's Road, an early informal name. According to local legend, Mary Blackmore (1804?-1878), wife of James Blackmore (1812?-1875), was travelling
George Chaney (Service no. 34631) was a First World War soldier with links to Hornby, Belfast and Upper Riccarton
Named after Springfield, a farm of 25 acres in St Albans.
Harewood War Memorial, located at Harewood School, 721 Harewood Road.
“The Groynes” derives its name from large blocks, made from concrete filled woolsacks, which were placed in the Otukaikino Creek in the 1930’s to separate it from the main branch of
Location Waltham War Memorial Gates are located on the South boundary of Waltham Park at the intersection of Waltham Road, Wilsons Road and Fifield Terrace opposite the Heathcote River. The
Named after Gloucester, an English bishopric.
Richmond and Linwood being older suburbs still had a lot of older buildings which did not fare so well...