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Named after the bishopric of Peterborough in England.
Reeves Road runs off Opawa Road to the back of Risinholme.
Seven Oaks is located at 35 Hassals Lane, Waltham Seven Oaks, was the Horticultural Training Centre of Christchurch Polytechnic Seven Oaks Education Centre opened in April 2009, as an independent
An Aho Matua Te Kura Kaupapa Māori, Composite Area School located at 45 Hassals Lane, Opawa Established in 1987 it gained status as a Kura Kaupapa Māori in 1992.
Diamond Harbour Memorial Gardens Cemetery was officially opened in May 2002. The cemetery is designed in terraces in accordance with the natural topography of the site and has been designed
Wainui Cemetery is located several kilometres from the Wainui settlement. It was opened in 1890 and is still open for full burials. The cemetery has a rural feel and is
Pigeon Bay Cemetery is located on a hill beyond the Pigeon Bay settlement. The cemetery opened in 1865 and is still open for full burials. Large trees flank the entrance
Christchurch City Libraries is a network of 20 libraries and a mobile library operating throughout the City Council area.
Girl Guides National Headquarters former wooden dwelling. Built 1865
Madras Street, runs from Edgeware Road to Moorhouse Avenue
Named after the English bishopric of Manchester.