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Corner Norwich Quay, & Oxford Street, Lyttelton 8012
Red stickered by EQC/Council after 22 September 2011 earthquakes Comment from inspection report "Very run down property. Part brick part timber structure with some stucco on walls. Brick walls and
The houseat 73 River Road was once part of a 40-hectare farm that was accessed from Stanmore Rd but is now surrounded by houses. The title for the plot was
Richmond and Linwood being older suburbs still had a lot of older buildings which did not fare so well...
The Citizen's War Memorial in Cathedral Square was unveiled on the 9 June, 1937.
From 1879 - 1967 was owned by the Anderson family of Andersons Engineering Ltd. Related Listing at Heritage New Zealand
The Sisters of Mercy founded Our Lady of Victories and many other Catholic schools in Christchurch. On 6 February 1956, two Sisters of Mercy opened Our Lady of Victories School.
With its large network of waterways and rivers and swampy terrain, Christchurch has been prone to flooding since its inception. There have been floods in various parts of the city
Built of recycled demoltion wood, the temple was an interactive art installation designed to assist emotional healing along with the city's physical rebuilding.
Named after the bishopric of Peterborough in England.
Public art refers to art works displayed in public places either temporarily or permanently.
One of Christchurch’s original streets named in 1850 after an Irish bishopric.