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GREAT WAR S. R. Archer     L. A. Caygill C. E. Coffey R. Dalton C.v. Dickey W. K. Dougall F. W. Douglas W. Fairbairn H. H. Ffitch R. N. Gidley David
The building was built circa 1914 on the site of the businesses first premises.  It was built primarily for retail, professional and commercial office use - Whitcombe and Tombs occupied
Demolition of original Christchurch Girls' High School buildings was begun 7 April 2011...
146 Kilmore Street.
The 2010 Canterbury Earthquake caused a crack in the Clock Tower
The Kaiapohia memorial to the Ngai Tahu people massacred by Te Rauparaha in 1832, also known as the Tiki
The Brannigans Building on the corner of Oxford Terrace and Gloucester Street in Christchurch was a modern office building. It was demolished following the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake.
 "Brenchley" at 150 Fendalton Road was designed in 1915 by the England Bros. who also designed the final stages of Riccarton House and became noted for their ability to adapt
Daresbury was originally a 50 room house surrounded by 25acres of gardens It was designed by Christchurch architect Samuel Hurst Seager [1855–1933] in the neo-Tudor Domestic Revival style for local
Family History relating to 40 Cranmer Square, and Elias Gaudin and kin.
The Hotel was already in bad shape, with windows boarded up, and the building damaged by vandalism.
Sunnyside Hospital, Christchurch’s first mental asylum, was opened in 1863. It was built to house those who were considered insane, until then held at Lyttelton jail. The hospital was closed
Christchurch Netball Centre is one of the largest netball centres in New Zealand and caters for netball players, coaches, umpires and officials in and around the city and environs.  All
In 2010 26 Manchester Street was the home of the Lone Star Restaurant
The historic building at 113 Victoria Street houses the Caxton Press
A cluster of shops at the corners of Bridge Street and Estuary Road.
Christ’s College boarding house in Rolleston Avenue