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Heathcote Street runs from Ferry Road, turns a corner running parallel to the Heathcote River ending at Catherine Street.
Named after the bishopric of Cashel. The early days of Canterbury, pp 43-44 says it is named after Rt. Rev. Robert Daly, Bishop of Cashel and Waterford (d. 1872). This
Selwyn Street runs from South Hagley Park across Moorhouse Avenue & Brougham Street to Aylmer Street in Spreydon.
Runs from Lincoln Road to the Railway line Formerly known as Feathers Lane, Railway Road and Station Street. Re-named Bernard Street on 27 September 1948.  Named after General Bernard Cyril Freyberg 
Madras Street, runs from Edgeware Road to Moorhouse Avenue
Named after the English bishopric of Manchester.
Winds arround the Avon River from Antigua Street to Fitzgeral Avenue. Named after Christ Church, Oxford University. Named by surveyors Joseph Thomas (b. 1803) and Edward Jollie in March 1850.
Named after the English bishopric of Worcester.
Named after the bishopric of Hereford.
One of Christchurch’s original streets named in 1850 after an Irish bishopric.
Named after Gloucester, an English bishopric.
Runs between Alexandra Street and London Street, Richmond Probably named after Francis Pavitt (1834-1909).  Pavitt was a surveyor and resident magistrate. He practised in Christchurch for some time.
Runs from Tuam Street to North Avon Road.