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Named after the estate, Cashmere. Cashmere was owned by the Cracroft-Wilson family. “The Cashmere Road” is first mentioned in the Star in 1872. First appears in street directories in 1908
Originally a track which was used by bullock drays to draw firewood etc. out of Kennedy's Bush and Hoon Hay Bush. Named after Thomas Kennedy (1819-1881). Formerly Quarry Road. Named because it
Named after a man named Sutherland who rented land from Cracroft Wilson.
Ollivier’s Road is first mentioned in the Star in 1869. Tenders were opened in June 1870 for forming it – this being won by W. Parish.Olliviers Road first appears in
Named after Ilam, the home of the Hon. John Charles Watts-Russell (1825-1874).
Named after the cathedral city of Bath in Somerset, England
Named after the English bishopric of Salisbury.
Named after Lillian Anne MacKenzie, née Gahagan, (1886?-1968).
Formerly Magdala Road. Re-named Nash Street. Named after Walter Nash (1882-1968). Nash was a clerk, commercial traveller, shopkeeper, politician and prime minister. Magdala Road first appears in street directories in
Named after the Lewis family. First appears in street directories in 1952. At that time the area was considered to be part of Halswell. David Lewis (1825-1874), of Halswell House,
Named after Portsmouth, in Hampshire, a major naval base. Named in 1955. In an area in Aranui where all the streets are named after places in the county of Hampshire.
Named after Liverpool, a city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England.Named in 1909. First appears in street directories in 1924.
Formerly Park Street. Named because of its proximity to Hagley Park. Re-named Dorset Street. Named after Dorset, a county in South West England on the English Channel coast.
First appears in street directories in 1958.
Named after the Rev. Thomas Rowley (1797?-1877). First appears in street directories in 1962.
Named after Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom Originally “St James Terrace", Re-named Tonbridge Street in 1909. One of a number of streets in Merivale named after English public schools.