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Following the 2010/2011 earthquakes in Christchurch the city streets have been enhanced by a profusion of graffiti and street art.
Richmond and Linwood being older suburbs still had a lot of older buildings which did not fare so well...
Runs from Papanui Road to Queen Elizabeth II Drive Named after David Innes (1830-1865). Street first mentioned in the Star in 1876 when land for sale in Innes's Road is
Radley Street runs from Garlands Road to the Radley Bridge at Ferry Road.  
Roads, Streets and Avenues around suburban Papanui, Christchurch.
Runs between Alexandra Street and London Street, Richmond Probably named after Francis Pavitt (1834-1909).  Pavitt was a surveyor and resident magistrate. He practised in Christchurch for some time.
List of the Papanui war memorial streets, designated and planted in memory of those who served in the Second Waorld War.
This publication lists the derivation of the names of streets in the Papanui Area
This publication tells the story of Harry Tillman and the planting of avenues of trees to commemorate the Fallen in World War Two 1939-1945.
Hargood Street runs between Linwood Avenue an.d Ferry Road
St Johns Street runs from Maces Road, across Linwood Avenue to Ferry Road.
One of the Papanui War Memorial Avenues.
Named after Thomas de Renzy Condell (1848-1923).
Referred to as a “new street” in The Press in 1913. First appears in street directories in 1915. Diedrich Wilhelm Leonard Mehrtens (1882-1952), a carter, is the sole resident. Named