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Named after a colonial Anglican bishopric in Ceylon.
Named after Antigua, a colonial bishopric, Antigua in the West Indies.
Rotherham Street in  Riccarton, runs from Riccarton Road to Peverel Street with the Westfield Riccarton straddling the road
Formerly Sumner Road. Named after John Bird Sumner (1780-1862). Re-named Ferry Road. Named because it was the road leading to the ferry at the Heathcote River. From St Asaph Street
Named Waltham Road about 1880.
New Regent Street was marketed as ‘The most beautiful street in New Zealand’ when it was opened by Mayor D G Sullivan in April 1932.
Madras Street, runs from Edgeware Road to Moorhouse Avenue
A narrow lane leading from Cathedral Square to Gloucester Street.
Named after the Brittan family.
Named after Gloucester, an English bishopric.
Re-named Wise Street in 1948. Wise was a Riccarton Borough councillor 1916-1938.
Runs from Lincoln Road to the Railway line Formerly known as Feathers Lane, Railway Road and Station Street. Re-named Bernard Street on 27 September 1948.  Named after General Bernard Cyril Freyberg