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One of the original streets of Lyttelton, it was named in 1850 by by Captain Joseph Thomas and Edward Jollie after the bishopric of London. London Street was first mentioned
Named after the English bishopric of Manchester.
Formerly Canal Reserve Road. Re-named Linwood Avenue.
Named after Gloucester, an English bishopric.
Named after the Anglican bishopric of Armagh in Ireland.
Named after a colonial Anglican bishopric in Ceylon.
Following the 2010/2011 earthquakes in Christchurch the city streets have been enhanced by a profusion of graffiti and street art.
Richmond and Linwood being older suburbs still had a lot of older buildings which did not fare so well...
Named after the bishopric of Peterborough in England.
One of Christchurch’s original streets named in 1850 after an Irish bishopric.
Cranley Street is of short length with a 90 degree corner, and links with Linwood Avenue to the south-west and Chelsea Street to the south-east.
The Main North Road starts at the end of Papanui Road and continues north to Belfast when it becomes State Highway 1.
Named by the Canterbury Association surveyors who laid out the boundaries of the original city within roadways called ‘belts’ or ‘town belts’.