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Located in Stanmore Road beside London Street
Dudley Creek begins in Bishopdale and runs through Papanui, Mairehau and St Albans to Shirley. Parts have been attractively landscaped but other parts are still a boxed drain.
Lake Terrace Road runs from Marshland Road to New Brighton Road.
The Town Ball Restaurant & Bar at 52 Manchester Street was a post quake short lived venue that operated for 2 years till closing in June 2014. The four storey
This is a community run orchard situated at 581 Marshland Road.
Originally known as Market Square or Market Place, with a busy Road is now a peaceful Park.
Bush Inn Center features a Countdown Supermarket, Smiths City store, Lincraft, Lone Star restaurant, BNZ Bank and the first Burgerfuel in the South Island along with over 45 specialty retailers.
Burwood Road runs north from Lake Terrace Road until it joins Prestons Road.
A short inner city street between Colombo and Manchester Streets.
Runs between Stanmore Road and Fitzgerald Avenue in Richmond.
Runs east off Fitzgerald Avenue to Draper Street.
Trafford Street is a no exit street that runs south off Harewood Road.