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“The Groynes” derives its name from large blocks, made from concrete filled woolsacks, which were placed in the Otukaikino Creek in the 1930’s to separate it from the main branch of
The Arts Centre of Christchurch is housed in the Gothic Revival buildings of the University of Canterbury's former town site.
Richmond and Linwood being older suburbs still had a lot of older buildings which did not fare so well...
The Avon River / Otakaro starts in the suburb of Avonhead and winds for 14 kms through Christchurch City to the sea.
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Third largest park in Christchurch, located in the East Frame
Barbadoes Street straddles the lower half of the Central City - from the Polytech, Catholic Cathedral precinct to the suburb of Edgeware
Named after the English bishopric of Manchester.
Papanui Road runs from Bealey Avenue to the start of the Main North Road.