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Named after a colonial Anglican bishopric in Ceylon.
New Regent Street was marketed as ‘The most beautiful street in New Zealand’ when it was opened by Mayor D G Sullivan in April 1932.
Formerly Sumner Road. Named after John Bird Sumner (1780-1862). Re-named Ferry Road. Named because it was the road leading to the ferry at the Heathcote River. From St Asaph Street
The Arts Centre of Christchurch is housed in the Gothic Revival buildings of the University of Canterbury's former town site.
Part of the Lyttelton-Sumner Road. First mentioned in The Lyttelton Times in 1851. Officially opened on 24 August 1857.
Named by the Canterbury Association surveyors who laid out the boundaries of the original city within roadways called ‘belts’ or ‘town belts’.
Cranmer Square
Named to continue the theme of naming streets after places in Ayrshire, Scotland, from whence the Deans family originated.
The Heathcote / Ōpāwaho River flows from the south-west of Christchurch to the Ihutai / Avon-Heathcote Estuary.
Vincent Place runs off Opawa Road
Named after Ōpāwaho, the Maori name for the Heathcote River. The area known today as Opawa derives its name from the pā once located where the present-day Judges Street and
Located at 192 Richardson Terrace (corner of Richardson Terrace and Opawa Road)
Named after Gloucester, an English bishopric.
Named after Edward Garland (d.1893).
Named after Antigua, a colonial bishopric, Antigua in the West Indies.
Cathedral) Square was originally named Ridley Square. Named after Nicholas Ridley (1500-1555), Bishop of London and an Anglican martyr. Named in 1850 by surveyors Captain Joseph Thomas (b. 1803?) and