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Over the last few years there have been a number of Charity Barns across Christchurch. 130 Moorhouse Avenue Ferry Road Charity BarnAt the corner of Ferry Road and Ensors Road.
At the corner of Ferry Road and Ensors Road.
One of Christchurch’s original streets named in 1850 after an Irish bishopric.
A community space that was established post-earthquake to give Cantabrians a site to run transitional activities and home for a number of post-quake organisations.
Dudley Creek begins in Bishopdale and runs through Papanui, Mairehau and St Albans to Shirley. Parts have been attractively landscaped but other parts are still a boxed drain.
This is a community run orchard situated at 581 Marshland Road.
Named after Antigua, a colonial bishopric, Antigua in the West Indies.
Named after Christ Church, Oxford University.
Named after Ferry Mead, the home there of James Townsend (1788-1866). The name means: the meadow of the ferry.
The Avon River / Otakaro starts in the suburb of Avonhead and winds for 14 kms through Christchurch City to the sea.
Named after Cambridge University in England.
Madras Street, runs from Edgeware Road to Moorhouse Avenue
Named after Abberley in Worcestershire, England.