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Radley Street runs from Garlands Road to the Radley Bridge at Ferry Road.  
Haskins Garage, a victim of the Earthquakes
Roads, Streets and Avenues around suburban Papanui, Christchurch.
Briefly covers the history of the Presbyterian Orphanage at 97 Blighs Road and the South Island Methodist Orphanage and Children's Home at 54 Harewood Road.
This is the story of St. Anne's Home and Bethany Hospital from the last centuary.
Phillipstown School was closed in 2015 after it was merged with Woolston School to form Te Waka Unua School Location: 39 Nursery Road, Christchurch 8011  Related Te Waka Unua School website
The Bishopdale shopping centre of the 1960s, developed by the Ministry of Works is an example of a planned centre, with shops, a library and post office on a pedestrian
Runs between Alexandra Street and London Street, Richmond Probably named after Francis Pavitt (1834-1909).  Pavitt was a surveyor and resident magistrate. He practised in Christchurch for some time.
The Papanui Building stood on the corner of Harewood and the Main North Roads for 100 years but succumbed to damage sustained in the first and second Christchurch earthquakes.
Photos of Papanui from the air in the 60's decade.
The Sawyer's Arms and Phoenix Hotels on the Main North Road.