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Earthquake damage around the New Brighton end of Pages Road
Formerly located at 180 - 184 High Street, on the Lichfield Street, Manchester Street and High Street corner. Badly damaged n the 2011 earthqukes the building was demolished  
Built in 1918 the former Nurse Maude District Nursing Association building was located at 192 Madras Street and demolished after the 2010/2011 earthquake sequence.
Tiptree Cottage located at 63 Savills Road, Harewood was built by William Savill in the 1860s and sustained moderate damage in the Canterbury Earthquakes of 2010-2011.
Christchurch's Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, was considered one of the finest examples of Church architecture in Australasia. Designed by  Francis William Petrie in a neo-classical
The Re:START container mall was born as a scheme to bring back retail to the Centyral City. Initially located in Cashel Steet in the City Mall - between Colombo Street
Bower Avenue runs from New Brighton Road in Burwood to Ashton Drive in Parklands