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 "The Bricks" cairn, 311 Oxford Terrace.
The brick and stone plaque was erected in 1926 to mark the site of the Bricks wharf where early settlers landed in 1843.  It stands on the reserve at the
22 Bowhill Road, North New Brighton.
Photo shows a timber house set on high foundations with the lower part enclosed to create storage space. House has a single gable roof with two chimneypots beyond the top
166 St Albans Street.
A 1920s bungalow, demolished 2021
NZR bus crash.
 This smash from about 1967 is just out of Queenstown. The buses were empty apart from the driver, the road had been under mined, they were following each other in
JoJo's Massage Lounge, 464 Worcester Street,  5 October 2014.
Photograph taken 5 October 2014.