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A local park with block wall, multiplay structure & swings. The land was purchased in 1860 by Cornelius O’Connor (c1826-1916)
Mairehau Primary School Fair #DSCN1786.
Mairehau Primary School, located at 43 Mahars Road opened in 1953 as a co-educational state full primary school.
Old Theatre Royal Detail, 148 to 158 GloucesterStreet.
Located at 148-154 Gloucester Street, Christchurch This timber building was the second Theatre Royal on Gloucester Street. Designed by Alfred

Information about Christchurch's places, suburbs and streets.

Definitive origins of many names of Christchurch streets are not possible. In some cases there may be more than one possible origin so all known possibilities are listed. As Christchurch evolved, and boroughs joined the city, duplicate street names occurred. To overcome this duplication and the confusion it caused, streets were later renamed. References to these former and later names are included.

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Woodham Road, 20 August 2017 #P1090785.

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