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Pigeon Bay Cemetery is located on a hill beyond the Pigeon Bay settlement. The cemetery opened in 1865 and is still open for full burials. Large trees flank the entrance from Wilson’s Road and partially hide the cemetery, however once in the cemetery it opens up with only a few specimen trees including oak and yew trees in the centre of the cemetery. The surrounding rural farm land gives the cemetery a feeling of openness.


Much of the cemetery is still undeveloped. The original plan shows distinct denominational areas within the cemetery site however this does not appear to have been followed, as the cemetery is now dominated by a couple of distinctive family areas. The cemetery caters primarily for members of the local community and is currently grazed by a local farmer.


The cemetery has a variety of headstones from older Victorian style with covers or kerbing to newer more recent modern upright stone memorials where the plots are covered with grass. Some recent graves have temporary fencing to prevent stock from accessing them.

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