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Mary-Ann's experience on 22 February 2011 in the McKenzie and Willis building
I know I have been blasé about the September quake, but I doubt there's a single soul who could be about this one. I can give you the facts -
Christchurch chartered accountant Stephen O’Connell, whose offices were based in the BNZ building at 137 Armagh Street recalls 24 hours from around midday on 22 February 2011
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Notes written on March 3rd, 2011 about the February earthquake and aftershocks. A hastily written sign on a big piece of cardboard that says ‘free water, bring your own container",
This is the story of my sister , 86 yr old Miss Grace Heyward who was trapped in a collapsed building.Saved from a collapsed restaurant Christchurch major earthquake. 22 February
The brandy bottle has been pulled out of the emergency box and is half empty. I find myself unfamiliarly stuck for words today. The September quake wasn't hard to write
I was on my lunchbreak and walking back to work in Spreydon when I couldn't walk or stand up. I thought I was fainting but was being thrown in all
My experience of February 22 2011 - The day of the earthquake, my husband had just arrived at my work, bringing my 8 month old son Logan in for lunch.
from Sophie, age 10, Banks Avenue School
On February 22nd I was in the Brighton Surf club, on the second story, with my seven-year-old daughter and her class, and another class, from Avonhead School. We were doing
It starts like a regular aftershock then escalates to nightmare proportions. I had only just begun to feel OK about going into the central city again. Oh no! This can't
My husband Brent and I were violently shaken awake at 4.35 on the morning of Saturday 4th September 2010. Our bedroom is upstairs and the movement of the room felt
We had just walked into the large caryard when the ground started to roll, we were thrown apart,'floated' away from each other, a very weird feeling... I made a grab
My lunchtime latte and muffin had just been put on the table at Coffee Culture in Sumner, a few seconds before the rumbling and shaking started. The building shuddered and
It's hard to imagine Christchurch in ruins from February 22nd earthquake at 12.51pm. I had just left the doctors clinic, sitting in the car when the earth rumbled and tossed
Located at 192 Richardson Terrace (corner of Richardson Terrace and Opawa Road)