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A History of the German Bay / Takamatua School, Banks Peninsula - Canterbury 1876 – 1936


This article was written in 1989 and forgotten about for more than 20 years when it was found and a decision was made to publish it. The information was located by searching through the original source material page by page. The primary sources include the Akaroa Mail newspaper (Akaroa Museum), the Canterbury Education Board Letters and Inspectors’ reports (Canterbury Museum), the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHR), the Dawber Diary (Canterbury Museum) and the School Registers (Akaroa Museum, 1876 - 1936). The sources have been quoted verbatim at times to provide a period flavour.

The article is written as a simple historical account of the school without commentary and serves to offer a small slice of history to those interested; to be used for whatever purposes they see fit. While the usual copyright laws apply to this article, most of the actual content has been lifted directly from primary sources. Any material quoted should be referenced appropriately. It is important to note the license agreement for the use of some of the old photos stipulates non-commercial use.

Read the full history of Takamatua School (PDF, 1.6 MB)


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