Snow in Early Akaroa

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Snow in Early Akaroa.


From the Shuttleworth Collection.

This picture could have been taken in the late 1870s and into the 1880s .     

Looking at buildings such as the Maples (rear view), the Masonic Lodge and Mayor McGregors house next to that, these were built in the late 1870s.   What doesn't show is Oinako which was built by Etienne Le Lievre in 1896.

The small house with flag pole in front may have been Edward Latters dwelling and was later expanded to two stories and became Wagstaffs Hotel.   This was destroyed by fire in1894.     

The boatsheds on the right of the picture were built in the mid 1880s and were burnt down in 1913.   

The present boat sheds were built in 1914 about where the seat can be seen just above the beach.     

Never the less, winters are no less different for them in those days than we can get now.

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Snow in Early Akaroa

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