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Kete Christchurch is an online resource bringing together records of local events, people, places and events - current and historical. Our aim is to gather the knowledge held by  the community about the Christchurch and Banks Peninsula area by inviting people to share stories, photos, video and audio on this site.
Anybody with any information about Christchurch and Banks Peninsula that will enrich this archive is invited to contribute.  
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Herbert Glasson was a First World War soldier with links to New Brighton
Oswald Norris was a First World War soldier with links to New Brighton.
Storybook Circus - 13 January 2007 #DSCN1126.
Story Book Circus  toured New Zealand between 2006 - 2008 They performed in North Hagley Park in January 2007 The
Lillian Street, Hallswell - 21 January 2007 #-DSCN1326.
Named after Lillian Anne MacKenzie, née Gahagan, (1886?-1968).
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.
Christchurch's Roman Catholic cathedral, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, is considered one of the finest examples of Church architecture
Sunnyside Hospital, Hillmorton, January 1977.
Sunnyside Hospital, Christchurch’s first mental asylum, was opened in 1863. It was built to house those who were considered insane,
Christchurch Womens Hospital - 2 January 2005.
Covering a block between Colombo Street and Durham Street.   Now demolished.   New hospital now situated at the Main
Netball Centre - South Hagley Park - 4 September 2009 .
Christchurch Netball Centre is one of the largest netball centres in New Zealand and caters for netball players, coaches, umpires
Essential services at Rugby World Cup Fanzone in Hagley Park October 2011 .
Christchurch lost its right to host any Rugby World Cup matches following the devastating damage to AMI stadium during the
Temporary Events Centre Hagley Park August 2011.
A temporary entertainment and performance events village constructed in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The venue also supported
Netball Centre - South Hagley Park - 4 September 2009 .
Located in the central city, Hagley Park is formed of North and South Hagley Park, separated by Riccarton Avenue. Visitors
Temporary Events Centre Hagley Park August 2011.
North Hagley Park (87.17 hectares) is the section of Hagley Park lying to the south of Harper Avenue.
Netball Centre - South Hagley Park - 4 September 2009 .
South Hagley Park (70.507 hectares) is the section of Hagley Park that lies to the south of North Hagley Park,
Little Hagley Park (6.96 hectares),  is the northern section of  Hagley Park  lying to the north of Harper Avenue.
Fresh Harvest - 23 February 2005  .
A cluster of shops arount the intersection of Clyde Road and Ilam Road. With the newer  Fendalton Village Mall and
The 2014 Christchurch Photo Hunt is on now. Christchurch City Libraries’ annual Photo Hunt – is an opportunity to discover
Lyttelton Harbour 1920s.
Draws together images of the same places or people taken at different time periods.
Ferrymead tram 2 October 2011.
Ferrymead Heritage Park was formed in the 1960s by a group of enthusiasts with the aim of preserving local heritage
Clearing rubble from around Crowne Plaza Hotel December 2011 .
Crowne Plaza Hotel (formerly the Parkroyal Hotel) on the corner of Kilmore and Durham Streets. was damaged and then demolished
Clearing rubble from around Crowne Plaza Hotel December 2011 .
Crowne Plaza Hotel (formerly the Parkroyal Hotel) on the corner of Kilmore and Durham Streets.
Preparation for the mural on the rear of the Trinity Centre.
The Trinity Centre, corner Worcester and Manchester streets. Formerly a church, and later used as a performance space, and then
Halton Street.
Named after Halton, a house on Norman’s Road.
A Key for the Papanui War Memorial Avenues .
Named after the HMNZS Gambia.
Claremont Avenue - Autumn 2008.
Named after Claremont House, a large 18th century mansion near Esher in Surrey. Wakefield Avenue first appears in street directories
Dormer Street.
Referred to as a “new street” in The Press in 1913. First appears in street directories in 1915. Diedrich Wilhelm
Memorial Plaque. - Condell Avenue and Blighs Road corner..
Named after Thomas de Renzy Condell (1848-1923).
Alpha Avenue.
One of the Papanui War Memorial Avenues.
Young library user 22 October  2011.
Christchurch City Libraries is now a network of 20 libraries and a mobile library operating throughout the City Council area.
Part of Cunningham House, Christchurch Botanic Gardens December 2011 .
Established in 1863 within a loop of the Avon River, the Christchurch Botanic Gardens have always been once of Christchurch’s
Peacock Fountain and Pond August 2011.
The flamboyant and colourful Edwardian Peacock Fountain stands near the museum at the Rolleston Avenue entrance to the Christchurch Botanic
Victoria Street Clock Tower Inscription.
The handsome clock tower has stood at the intersection of Victoria, Montreal & Salisbury streets since 1930.
Hearts for Christchurch Exhibition  2011 -2012.
The Hearts for Christchurch exhibition was displayed at the Canterbury Museum from September 2011 to February 2012.
Rat 2008  Lantern Festival.
Victoria Square was originally known as Market Square or Market Place and was the commercial hub of early Christchurch.

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