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Kete Christchurch is an online resource bringing together records of local events, people, places and events - current and historical. Our aim is to gather the knowledge held by  the community about the Christchurch and Banks Peninsula area by inviting people to share stories, photos, video and audio on this site.
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Features the Sydenham School Memorial Garden with various items from the former Sydenham Primary School.
Various items from the former Sydenham Primary School were donated for use in the Sydenham School Memorial Garden in the
Sydenham School, once the largest school in New Zealand, stood on the corner of Colombo and Brougham Streets for nearly
Le Bons Bay Cemetery, 11 July 2012 #3.
Le Bons Bay Cemetery opened in 1862 and is still open for full burials
Kaituna Valley Cemetery, 31 October 2009  #1.
Kaituna Valley Cemetery is located adjacent to St Kentigens Church and was opened in 1935.
Akaroa Catholic Cemetery, 14 August 2009 #2.
There are 4 cemeteries in Akaroa. Akaroa Anglican Cemetery, Akaroa Akaroa Anglican Cemetery opened in 1857. Akaroa Catholic Cemetery, Akaroa
Akaroa Dissenters Cemetery, 14 August 2009 #1.
Akaroa Dissenters Cemetery was opened in 1873.
Akaroa Catholic Cemetery, 14 August 2009 #3.
Akaroa Catholic Cemetery opened in 1863.
Akaroa Anglican Cemetery, 14 August 2009 #9.
Akaroa Anglican Cemetery opened in 1857.
Duvauchelle Cemetery, 14 August 2009  #13.
Duvauchelle Cemetery is located on the hill just outside the settlement of Duvauchelle.
Little River Cemetery, 14 August 2009  #4.
Little River Cemetery was opened in 1878 and is located adjacent to St Andrews Church just outside Little River.
Michael Leonard Brown (service no. 25/937) was a Frist world war soldier with links to Marshland.
Reginald Cuthbert Vincent was a First World War soldier.
2009 Christchurch Santa Parade 4166579875 o.
The 2009 Christmas Parade was held on Sunday 6 December 2009
Cross of Sacrifice..
The 2009 photo hunt formed part of the Beca Heritage Week 16 - 26 October 2009 with the theme of
Charity Barn, Garlands Road, 26 August 2012, #SAM 8629.
The second Opawa Charity Barn over the road from the first one in Radley Street. Now Closed
Ferry Road Charity Barn, 31 January 2016 #P1030403.
At the corner of Ferry Road and Ensors Road.
Cinema Display in CCC front window 3925633890 o.
The following was compiled from the list of the theatres and cinemas published on the Canterbury Film Society's website. They
Arthur William Judge.
Arthur Judge was a man who served in the First World War in the New Zealand Medical Corps, including surviving

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